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Oct. 2012





To increase

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Shirley was critical to the success experienced by the functional team. Her experience and skills in PM helped the team to get and stay on track. She helped us with problem solving, defining our requirements and development of test cases. Because of her system background, she knew exactly what had to be accomplished and the order/timeframe that it should be accomplished in. -System Deployment Project Leader


Shirley's system experience helped the team understand issues outside most of our expertise.... Her planning skills help us develop a timetable for implementation and project plan. Her facilitator skills help to draw team members out and encouraged the team to take responsibility for the project. - System Administrator


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Striking Statistic


In less than 2 years, after 2006 deployment, Cisco held more than 100,000 Tele-presence meetings which provided an estimated $90 million cost avoidance savings by decreasing employee travel and delivered productivity improvements worth more than $40 million. – CISCO 2008 IT Study


Timely Tip


Some time ago, I did a popular post evaluating free on-line meeting planning and tracking tools. Earlier this year, I did posts regarding virtual team-building books on virtual teams.  Since the virtual meeting topic still appears to be very much something people want to know about, I decided to do another post related to the topic.


This time my post is just a few links to help readers get tips on how to effectively hold virtual meetings, whether they are teleconference, videoconference or on-line web conferences.

Find more in 2bProductive blog post: Improve Virtual Meetings with Tips and Tools


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 Training Tools


We are partnering with Peak Performance Solutions to offer great training opportunities and DiSC assessments! If you are interested, check out the Events and Webinars schedule. If you register, be sure to put RNEWS in your date request description so we know how you found out about the webinar.


For a list of team-building and productivity courses, visit http://www.shirleyfinelee.com/Training.htm


Quick Quote

“These sites have torn down the geographical divide that once prevented long distance social relationships from forming, allowing instant communication and connections to take place and a virtual second life to take hold for its users.” - Mike Fitzpatrick


“We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas.” - Michael Crichton






A Meeting Wizard's Approach

ISBN# 1-4196-5367-9

 A no-nonsense and much-needed guide to planning and conducting meetings so that they are as productive, effectual, and smoothly run as possible. 

RARA Print Version

Electronic Version




Steps in

Time Management

ISBN# 1-4196-5367-9

This is a must-have

guide for personal

time management

in the 21st century.

TAPP Print Version

Electronic Version



 OPIE Project Planning and Implementation for Teams

A quick study in general project management processes and related outputs that helps to guide project managers and team members through a simple process called O.P.I.E. (Open, Plan, Implement, End) for project management.

Electronic Version



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RARA A Meeting Wizard's Approach Kindle e-Book

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TAPP Steps in Time Mgmt Kindle e-book

OPIE Project Planning and Implementation for Team - Only available as Kindle e-book on Amazon

Team Building Primer: A Start-up Guide for Developing Effective Teams, Committees, and Other Groups