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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2004-05


May 2004

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Computer Clue, Group Gathering and Quick Quote


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Striking Statistic

A Human Resources Planning Society study of 100 Fortune-500 companies with teams found that 80% of their respondents had trouble evaluating the team's work.


Click here for team building activities on-line or to request a free "Team Effectiveness Inventory" tool.


Timely Tip

For a team to be effective, it needs to develop in four key areas:  communication, organization, problem solving, and teamwork.   Communication is a multitude of skills including listening, giving feedback, and conflict management.    Organization means having a purpose or mission, goals and objectives, as well as developing management skills for meetings, time, and projects.  Problem Solving involves training in techniques and tools for idea generation, decision-making, processes and procedures, and quality control.   However, all these skills require that a team first develop through teaching methods or projects that build teamwork.  Teamwork attributes include cooperation, mutual respect and trust, as well as involvement and commitment.


Computer Clue

Teams can use spreadsheet software to track measurable progress towards goals, provide graphs to management, and track their progress as a team.   Word processing software may be used to create standard forms or checklists and document processes and procedures. 


Click here for detailed PC hints on-line.


Group Gathering

Sometimes when you have a gathering of people, you want them to sit with new people rather than with whom they always work or socialize.  Here is a little mixer I came up with for training sessions I did where the department managers wanted their people to meet others in the department besides their immediate work group.  I call it “Luck of the Draw” and it only requires a regular deck of playing cards and making some signs.  Here is the setup and rounds for mixing it up with up to 30 people.


1)  For 30 people, put 6 people each at 5 tables.  On each table, place a sign that has the following card deck suits:  Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and Royals.  If planning to mix up the group more after a break or midway, then also number the signs 1-5. 

2)  Take only the amount of each suit out of the card deck needed per seat at a table.   For 6 seats per table, take out 6 numbered hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades.  Then take any 6 jacks, queens, or kings from the deck for the 5th table called Royals.   Then make multiple hands of cards with one from each suit.  If the group will be large.


1)  As people come through the door, have them draw a card from the ones in the greeter’s hand.  Then have them sit at the table that matches the suit on their card. 

2)  If another mix of people is desired sometime during the session or event,  then have each person at each table call off a number  by going clockwise around the table( and clockwise to the next table) 1 through 5.  For 6 people per table, have the first 5 number as 1-5, then the 6th starts over at 1 with the next table being 2-5, then starting the numbering over again before moving to next table, and so-on until everyone has a number.  Then each person and their things move to the numbered table matching their called number.


Quick Quote

"When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality."
- Joe Paterno


 Team  Building


Offering Team building sessions of 1-hour each in various cities throughout June and July 2004.


These sessions provide activities that emphasize a necessary characteristic or skill related to team building.


Session topics are:

  • Cooperation

  • Trust

  • Problem Solving 

  • Communication


Cities include:



  Tuesday Evenings

  (6/8, 6/22, 7/13, 7/27)




  Saturday Afternoons

  (6/12, 6/26, 7/10, 7/24)




  Thursday Evenings

  (6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/1)



To read details about these sessions, see the scheduled session dates, view city addresses, find facilitator data, or to register

- click here.


For more information

on how these topics  may help you or your organization,

call Shirley at



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