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If I had to pick the people who have had the most impact on the support team, Shirley would be at the top of the list. Through Shirley's leadership, team was able to set goals, adopt an organizational structure, and prioritize a list of action items. - PC Support/Service Representative


I really enjoyed working with Shirley. Her professional atmosphere as well as her knowledge on Excel and Access Databases, were essential to the roll out of our product. If I have a need for her services in the future, she will be the first person I would call for assistance. I would highly recommend her to future clients. - Offer Manager


Shirley created an instructor's guide, which will be very valuable for our current team instructors as well as future instructors who will be doing sustaining training. The guide is filled with helpful information, such as data sheets with fields students will use in class. Shirley was aggressive in contacting representatives to find out what are the most critical tasks to include in training classes. She responded to their requirements by writing many quick help sheets to supplement the training. - System Analyst/Training Project Leader



Shirley has many traits and skills which enable her to be successful. She is committed to achieving results, dedicated, a good facilitator, dependable and thorough, action oriented and takes initiative, and an excellent trainer. - IT Manager


Shirley was critical to the success experienced by the functional team. Her experience and skills in project management helped the team to get and stay on track. She helped us with problem solving, defining our requirements and development of test cases. Because of her system background, she knew exactly what had to be accomplished and the order/timeframe that it should be accomplished in. She was extremely instrumental in helping me understand the scope of the project. She was always accessible so that I could ask questions, explore issues and get assistance. - System Deployment Project Leader


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Consulting Services by Shirley Lee

a.k.a. Meeting Wizard)


Meeting Facilitation (Click here to see examples)Shirley Fine Lee faciliating corporate training


Shirley Lee has formal training and certifications as a facilitator.  She enjoys helping people have effective meetings, idea generation sessions, and better decision making usng a variety of techniques. 


Also available is coaching for meeting leaders and teams

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Change Management:

  • Change Roles (Coach, Agent, Leader, Sponsor, Planner, Innovator, Communicator, Worker)

  • Transition Planning

  • Work Redesign

  • Organization Redesign

  • Process Mapping

  • Vision, Mission, Goal Development


Shirley Lee enjoys helping leaders and teams develop good change management plans considering the transition required by those effected.  She began working with teams on change issues after taking a course in Work Re-Design in 1994.  Later she increased her knowledge by taking  Implementations Management Associationís (AMA) Accelerating Change in 1995 and  Arbinegerís Managing Results in 1998, as well, as receiving facilitation certifications and team training. 


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Team Building: (Click here to see courses)

Team building events, training, and consulting

Team graphic created by .Jonathan D. Lee ----- exclusively for Shirley Lee.

Click here to see photos from team building events facilitated by Shirley Lee.

  • Leadership/Roles

  • Decision Making

  • Vision/Mission/Goal Development

  • Coaching/Mentoring

  • Process Mapping

  • Meeting Participation

  • Communication/Work Styles

  • Problem Solving Techniques

  • Managing Conflict

  • Events and Activities

  • Feedback for Member Improvement

  • Team Planning

  • Identifying Customer Needs

  • Brainstorming and Idea Generation

  • Project Management


Shirley Lee received instructor certification for team-building courses in 1993 and 1995, as well as other employee empowerment and facilitation training.


See also - coaching and personal consulting services

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Employee Effectiveness: (Click here to see courses)

Employee Effectiveness training and consulting

Team graphic created by .Jonathan D. Lee ----- exclusively for Shirley Lee.

Click here to see photos from team building events facilitated by Shirley Lee.

  • Skill Matrix (current and desired level) 

  • Problem Solving Techniques

  • Time Management

  • Quality Improvement

  • Meetings

  • Project Management


Shirley Lee has helped teams and individuals to become more effective in their work and plan for additional improvement and development.

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Developing Communications:


Shirley Lee has written internal communications and presentations for companies she worked with.  She also has worked on the Dallas chapter of ASTD website, written articles for and proofed their newsletter since joining in 2000.  In 2006 she served as Editor of their newsletter and their Webmaster .  She has also had multiple articles she wrote  published.   

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Instructional Design:

  • User Manuals

  • Lectures and Seminars

  • Step-by-Step Reference Guides

  • Technical Quick Guides (Click here to see examples)

  • Job or Task Aids

  • Hands-On Computer Classes

  • Power Point Presentations

  • Presentation Scripts

  • Self-paced Guides

  • Trainer/Facilitator Guides

  • Team Building Activities

  • Train the Trainer Sessions

  • Vendor Research and Review


Shirley Lee has been a Training and Development Specialist since 1986 and has experience in a variety of training and development areas. In 1992 she studied Technical Writing  and in 1996 she completed One-Stop-Documentation training, which is designed to take training development from outline to manuals and finally to accompanying slide shows.

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Delivering TrainingShirley Fine Lee faciliating corporate training


Shirley Lee has been a Training and Development Specialist since 1986 and has experience in a variety of training and development areas.



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Assessments, Profiles, & Surveys

  • DISC Personal Profile (Dominant, Influencing, Supportive, Conscientious)

  • Managing Work Expectations - Transforming Attitudes Profile

  • SDI - Strength Deployment Inventory (Blue, Red, Green)

  • Team Effectiveness Inventory

  • Transition - The Personal Path through Change


Shirley Lee has worked with various types of teams and leaders utilizing various assessments tools to find where they are and help them with planning where they want to go.


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Project Management: (Click here to see courses)

  • Staffing

  • Tasks/Action Items

  • Goals/ Priorites

  • Timelines

  • Budget/Cost

  • Milestones/Critical Path

  • Training


Shirley Lee has been involved in many major project activities since 1986 including: information systems design, process development, and quality improvement. She began actively exercising the role of project team leadership and planning Project Management in 1993. Shirley continued to polish her skills and eventually started helping others to learn some project planning basics in 1996 through both seminars and self-teaching materials. 

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Microsoft Office Design:  Shirley Fine Lee teaching computer class

  • Office Product Forms or Databases

    • Access Databases

    • Access Reports to Web Pages

    • Excel Forms and Macros

    • PowerPoint Slide Shows

    • Word Forms and Mail Merge

    • VBA

  • Other Microsoft Product Knowledge (Front Page, Project, Publisher, MS-DOS, Windows)


Shirley Lee obtained Microsoft Office Master by getting Expert MOUS Certification in 2000 for four primary applications.  She has developed Access databases for clients and Dallas ASTD, as well as Excel databases and forms in both Excel and Word.  For information on MOUS certification, see Microsoft web site via www.mous.net

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System Implementation:

  • Selection/specification criteria for systems/software

  • Development of project and deployment plans

  • Lead meetings for design or requirements

  • Technical writing for help documentation and user guides

  • Resolve problems with software installation

  • Data Conversion

  • Develop and/or conduct test cases

  • Process mapping and documentation

  • Conduct training

  • Develop databases and reports

  • Impromptu, PeopleSoft, Registrar


Shirley Lee was a Business Systems Analyst  who has worked in various roles related to system implementation since 1984. Since becoming a consultant in 2000, she has also helped clients with system design, implementation, and training.  Shirley has a BABA in Management Information Systems and has achieved Microsoft Office Master in the MOUS certification program.  She has training in Managing Software Development. For information on MOUS certification, see Microsoft web site via www.mous.net.


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Shirley Fine Lee's purpose is to help people and organizations increase capacity to produce results.

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