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The Team Dimensions profile gave the team members a way to talk about problems before they came out as attacks. They finally had a common language to describe issues.
- T.Sullivan

The insights that Everything DiSC Sales offered to the participants can help them become more effective salespeople.

With the Personal Listening Profile as a guide, the participants changed their perspectives on some of their interactions. This helped the employees and managers smooth out what had often been a rocky relationship. As a result, the staff members improved the quality of their working lives, leading to lower turnover and higher productivity.


They learned what value systems they could work on. The Discovering Diversity Profile helped get them thinking.

Using DiSC, the managers were able to see that many of the “people problems” were differences in style and approach. The Everything DiSC Management facilitation ... gave managers practical advice and good visual examples of how to address people of different styles.


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Assessments, profiles, and tools available include:

  • Everything DiSC Workplace profiles and facilitation kits

  • Everything DiSC Sales profiles and facilitation kits

  • Everything DiSC Management profiles and facilitation kits

  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profiles and facilitation kits

  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders 360 degree feedback survey

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Provided through Davis Success Solutions, an authorized partner of Everything DISC, a Wiley brand.  Most DiSC profiles are available in paper or on-line formats.  Contact for pricing and details.


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