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Shirley Lee's got the lowdown on why we dread meetings. She also has the tools to fix this ongoing conundrum. - Neighborsgo Blog Editor.


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Audio or Video Tips and Presentations

with Shirley Lee (a.k.a. Meeting Wizard)

Audio Conference - Meeting Management

  • Become a Wizard at Conducting Meetings: Keep Employees Engaged and Productivity High  (Length 1 hour - also 0.15 CEUs available)  

    Purchase this Team Management / Leadership Training  CD from

    Briefings Publishing Group and available at Workplace Training Center

    Buy R.A!R.A! as companion workbook for it on Amazon.com too!

Audio Program - Time Management

  • Time Management in the 21st Century (Length 1 hour )  

    Free on Blog Talk Radio - Discussion by 3 Business Experts at 

    Buy T.A.P.P. as workbook after program review on Amazon.com!

Audio Podcasts - R.A!R.A! Micro Meeting Mgmt Tips (FREE MP3 files)

Audio Podcasts - T.A.P.P. Micro Time Management Tips (FREE MP3 files)

Audio Podcasts - O.P.I.E. Project Management Tips (FREE MP3 files)

Videos - Meeting Tips (FREE Topics on YouTube's How To)  Shirley Fine Lee as the Meeting Wizard giving RARA cheer

Videos - Time Management Tips (FREE on YouTube)  

Videos - Tips from Presentations (FREE on YouTube)  

Videos - Information on Books (on YouTube)   Shirley Fine Lee, the Meeting Wizard




Click cover above to order Paperback Book or below for

RARA A Meeting Wizard's Approach Kindle e-Book

Click cover above to order Paperback Book or below for

TAPP Steps in Time Mgmt Kindle e-book

OPIE Project Planning and Implementation for Team - Only available as Kindle e-book on Amazon

Team Building Primer: A Start-up Guide for Developing Effective Teams, Committees, and Other Groups


Shirley Fine Lee's purpose is to help people and organizations increase capacity to produce results.

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