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Classroom Training


Team Building




Shirley is an excellent facilitator. When facilitating our team, her ability to remain impartial keeps everyone on track. Her ability to facilitate a productive meeting better utilizes everyone's time.- Call Center Manager


This was the best and most fun one of these things (Team-Building) I've ever been to. Shirley is a good facilitator. - PC Specialist


Shirley is a very good facilitator and she took the initiative ... to help us grow as a team. - Business System Analyst


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Facilitation by Shirley Lee (a.k.a. Meeting Wizard)

Classroom Training (Click to see courses) Shirley Fine Lee facilitating RARA dicusssion


Shirley Lee has been leading classroom training since 1988.  She has trained thousands of individuals and teams.  She is a certificated instructor for multiple courses.



  • Vision, Mission, Values, Goal Development

  • Change Management/Transition Planning

  • Work Redesign

  • Organization Redesign

    Team Meetings and Development

    Team graphic created by .Jonathan D. Lee ----- exclusively for Shirley Lee.

    Click here to see photos from team building events facilitated by Shirley Lee.

  • Process Mapping

  • Team Development 

  • Problem Solving

  • System Planning or Design

  • Roles

    • Facilitator/Leader

    • Scribe/Recorder

    • Planning/Follow-up

    • Coach/Trainer

    • Gatekeeper/Timekeeper

Shirley Lee began her formal training as a facilitator which includes certifications:  Interactive Associates’ Facilitative Leadership in 1992, Team Leadership and Facilitator training in 1995, and Edward deBono’s 6 Thinking Hats Facilitator  in 1997.  Techniques she uses for facilitation include:   Interaction Method, Quality Control/Problem Solving Steps, Wizard of When: Planning (Click here to see details), and 6 Thinking Hats.  Shirley has been delivering classes and seminars on Meeting Management to individuals, teams, and organizations since 1994.


Team Building (Click to see activities)


Shirley Lee received instructor certification for team-building courses in 1993 through 1995, as well as other employee empowerment and facilitation training.  (Click here to see certification details)



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Shirley Fine Lee's purpose is to help people and organizations increase capacity to produce results.

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