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There are very few "team specialists" and Shirley is one of the best. Her influence impacts all of the teams through her training material designs and alternative learning techniques. - Team Training Manager


When I saw Shirley was our facilitator, I knew it (team-building) was going to be fun! - Customer Service Representative


Shirley made it fun! I had nothing but good comments about the (Team Building) session. - Business Manager


This was the best and most fun one of these things (Team-Building) I've ever been to. Shirley is a good facilitator. - PC Specialist


Shirley is an excellent facilitator and an expert on teaming. She keeps us on track in Quality Improvement team meetings, often suggesting different problem solving techniques. - Programmer


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Team Building Events Facilitated by Shirley Lee

This page is provided to allow teams to view and/or download photos taken at facilitated activities. Photos will be available starting 1 week after the event and if necessary may be removed after 30 days to conserve server space.

How to view and download your team's pictures from the Internet.


Team building

Team graphic created by .Jonathan D. Lee ----- exclusively for Shirley Lee.

Click on links to left to see photos of facilitated events.

  1. Click on the date of your team event or class on this page. 

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May 11

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  1. Scroll to the picture you wish to view.


  1. While viewing picture, right-click on the picture to be downloaded (use right mouse button to click).

  2. A menu will pop-up over or near the picture.

  3. From the menu, select SAVE PICTURE AS.

  4. When prompted, indicate where you would like the picture saved: hard drive and directory (or floppy disk) and the name you would like the file to be called (if the default name is not descriptive enough).

Team Success Story:

Want to read some success stories from an IT Customer Support Team working to get multiple phases of a major project done?  Click here to see 3 poems about that team in PDF.






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Shirley Fine Lee's purpose is to help people and organizations increase capacity to produce results.

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