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If you are new to facilitating meetings, this book ["R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard's Approach"] is a must read! Everything you need in a concise very usable book. Even for folks in the business for 20 years, there are simple new ideas you will want to implement in your meetings, such as including the meeting type in your meeting request. I used information in this book to help instill discipline within my own organization. Hope you will find the concepts as beneficial as I did.  - Amazon Reader.

This ["R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard's Approach"] is a thorough template for increasing the value of any meeting. - ASTD Member.

I read your book "RA!RA! A Meeting Wizard's Approach," and I found it to be a very easy read and chocked full of valuable information. - Providence IAAP President

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RARA A Meeting Wizard's Approach Kindle e-Book

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TAPP Steps in Time Mgmt Kindle e-book

OPIE Project Planning and Implementation for Team - Only available as Kindle e-book on Amazon

Team Building Primer: A Start-up Guide for Developing Effective Teams, Committees, and Other Groups


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