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Shirley Lee has created a practical how-to book that will allow anyone to immediately improve their time management skills. The ideas, techniques, forms, and graphical symbols grab your attention and make learning about time interesting. Get T.A.P.P. and you will get more TIME.

Thanks to Shirley Lee and her time management book on T.A.P.P. steps, we do not have to be stranded on an island or turn back the clock in order to find more time in our lives. Based on her four clearly written points, we can now give ourselves time to accomplish our highest priorities. I found the book simply helpful and recommend it to everyone.

Whether you are a Morning Mustang, Late-day Lion, or Any-time Ant Shirley Lee has written a book that sets a new standard for time-management techniques. Her system will help readers uncover their mental and emotional stumbling blocks, identify their strengths, and develop a time-management system to get your career on track and keep it there.

Organizational development pundits agree that the corporate model for the future is less. Fewer people. Fewer resources. Smaller budgets. Clearly this indicates that the one variable - time - that is consistent across all organizations must be managed like a surgeon handles a scalpel. Shirley Lee's book provides a comprehensive overview of virtually all issues we encounter in managing time for ourselves and for others. Her T.A.P.P. concept is the time equivalent of SMART goals. Everyone in your organization will benefit from this book.

The book T.A.P.P. Steps in Time Management is a straightforward and practical quick-reference guide for those of us who need to organize and prioritize our time more effectively--and we can all use more time and efficiency to complete our top priority goals each day. The guide includes sample time organizational tools, forms and a step-by-step approach to improving your time management skills.


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