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      Optimal Training Solutions

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      The Skin Care Studio


Thanks for tips on Shirley's website. I'm an ASTD member also and enjoyed article this month in Perspectives. - Consultant

This was the best and most fun one of these things (Team-Building) I've ever been to. Shirley is a good facilitator. - PC Specialist

I really enjoyed working with Shirley. Her professional atmosphere as well as her knowledge on Excel and Access Databases, were essential to the roll out of our product. If I have a need for her services in the future, she will be the first person I would call for assistance. I would highly recommend her to future clients. - Offer Manager

Shirley made it fun! I had nothing but good comments about the (Team Building) session. - Business Manager

Shirley is an excellent facilitator. When facilitating our team, her ability to remain impartial keeps everyone on track. Her ability to facilitate a productive meeting better utilizes everyone's time.- Call Center Manager

I just spent a lot of time reviewing Shirley's articles and Shirley's web site. I got so engrossed I burned up the pizza I was warming in the oven! Again, thanks for all this good information - Consultant/ Career Coach

When I saw Shirley was our facilitator, I knew it (team-building) was going to be fun! - Customer Service Representative

She created an instructor's guide, which will be very valuable for our current team instructors as well as future instructors who will be doing sustaining training. The guide is filled with helpful information, such as data sheets with fields students will use in class. Shirley was aggressive in contacting representatives to find out what are the most critical tasks to include in training classes. She responded to their requirements by writing many quick help sheets to supplement the training. - System Analyst/Training Project Leader

There are very few "team specialists" and Shirley is one of the best. Her influence impacts all of the teams through her training material designs and alternative learning techniques. - Team Training Manager

Shirley was critical to the success experienced by the functional team. Her experience and skills in project management helped the team to get and stay on track. She helped us with problem solving, defining our requirements and development of test cases. Because of her system background, she knew exactly what had to be accomplished and the order/timeframe that it should be accomplished in. She was extremely instrumental in helping me understand the scope of the project. She was always accessible so that I could ask questions, explore issues and get assistance. - System Deployment Project Leader

Shirley's energy and enthusiasm are excellent examples for the rest of us. I have seen many occasions when Shirley was able to get a group moving just because of the enthusiasm she showed on the topic at hand. That is very contagious. - Leadership Training Manager

Shirley is a very good facilitator and she took the initiative ... to help us grow as a team. - Business System Analyst

Shirley's system experience helped the team understand issues outside most of our expertise. As a leader, she encouraged and initiated activities to help the team develop and expand their skills. Her planning skills help us develop a timetable for implementation and project plan. Her facilitator skills helped to draw team members out and encouraged the team to take responsibility for the project. - System Administrator

Shirley, I love your e-zines. - Teambuilding Coach

Shirley is a great asset to the team. She is enthusiastic and energetic in everything she does, and is very team-oriented. - Financial Systems Analyst

Shirley has many traits and skills which enable her to be successful. She is committed to achieving results, dedicated, a good facilitator, dependable and thorough, action oriented and takes initiative, and an excellent trainer. - Information Technology Manager

Shirley is an excellent facilitator and an expert on teaming. She keeps us on track in Quality Improvement team meetings, often suggesting different problem solving techniques. - Programmer

If I had to pick the people who have had the most impact on the support team, Shirley would be at the top of the list. Through Shirley's leadership, team was able to set goals, adopt an organizational structure, and prioritize a list of action items. - PC Support/Service Representative

Asked for a website with improved navigation and more information. We've received many compliments on the website... None of these changes would have been possible without the skilled work of Shirley Lee. - President


Training Participants:

I know I speak for our team when I say Shirley was an excellent trainer. She went way above and beyond the call of duty when she was willing to work with our team's schedule. We wanted to spread our training out over several months so that we would not be away from the office so frequently. She was willing to satisfy her customers by coming to them so that it could accommodate their schedules. Shirley was also very personable and she made us feel very relaxed and she made it fun. After each class, Shirley would also ask us for feedback on how she could improve the next class. She always took our comments to heart and made a commitment to implement those changes at our next training class. As I said before, she is one of the best trainers that we have had a pleasure working with and we look forward to working with her in the future. - Team Meeting Mechanics series of 4 classes: (Participating in Meetings, Leading Effective Meetings, Rescuing Difficult Meetings, and Reaching Agreement in Teams)

Shirley did a particularly outstanding job leading the Diversity of Personality training sessions. - Series: Diversity of Personality and Styles for Communication

The best thing about this course was Shirley as a good instructor, knowledgeable and went outside teaching materials A++. - Access Advanced

I enjoy taking classes led by Shirley because of her enthusiasm for her subject matter. - Flexible Thinking

Shirley has got a lot of patience. Thanks. - Excel Basics

Shirley has been the biggest and best asset to the team since we've been together. Thank you Shirley for wanting to help us and doing it.- Handling Potential Problems

Shirley was well prepared and very knowledgeable. - Access Advanced

Shirley has an astounding depth and breadth of knowledge. She is always willing to share her knowledge in creative ways - Initiating Change

Shirley was friendly and helpful. - Excel Basics

Shirley keeps us on track and helps us understand the teaming concepts, helping us to understand QC tools and concepts. - Technical Requirements of Teams

The best thing about this course was Shirley answering detailed questions. - Access Advanced

Shirley has brought our team together as a better team and has helped with our goals. - Decision Making

Learned a lot! Great class! - Excel Intermediate

Shirley is very knowledgeable in teaming, motivating members in participating in team meetings. - Conducting a Meeting

Shirley, a knowledgeable instructor quickly went through/cut to the chase on how to do things! Great. - Excel Introduction

One of the most energetic, knowledgeable people I've worked with. - Interpersonal Skills

Shirley as instructor was Great! - Excel Introduction

The best thing about the instructor (Shirley Lee) was personalized attention to us. - Access Advanced

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