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I just spent a lot of time reviewing Shirley's articles and Shirley's web site. I got so engrossed I burned up the pizza I was warming in the oven! Again, thanks for all this good information. - Consultant/ Career Coach


I really love your writing. It is always well-thought out and provides the reader with practical advice. Keep those eHow articles coming! - Consultant/ Executive Coach/


Thanks for tips on Shirley's website. I'm an ASTD member also and enjoyed article this month in Perspectives. - Consultant


Some of my clients need to read what youíre saying about visuals! - Sales Coach and Consultant


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Productivity and Improvement Articles

or Editing by Shirley Lee (a.k.a. Meeting Wizard)


Editor and Blogs Shirley Fine Lee, the Meeting Wizard

  • Editor/Writer of bimonthly newsletter Right Fit covering productivity issues

(Started Sept.2003 thru present)

  • Administrator/Blogger for multi-contributor blog To Be Productive covering management and productivity issues

(Started April 2008 thru present)  

  • Editor on monthly newsletter Perspectives for Dallas ASTD members

(2006 Vice President of Communications/Technology - Editor/Webmaster) 

  • Administrator/Blogger for blog Organize This with Style! (Started 2011)

  • Book Author Blog on Amazon.com  (2008-2010, Amazon discontinued Author Blog feature)

  • Guest Blogger on Insights (in 2013) for collaboration, Daily Blogma (renamed to Today's Admin in 2013) for business and social media, and Meeting Genuis (blog closed in 2012) for meeting management.


Print Media Articles

  • Magazines containing articles by Shirley Fine Lee  (2007 - present)



Shirley Lee, EzineArticles.com Platinum Expert Author E-Article Author (multiple on-line sources)

  • Author of articles in Perspectives newsletter of Dallas ASTD Chapter (Special interest articles and Technical/Step-by-Step on MS Office Applications published 2001 thru 2010)

    These articles are available for reprint by sending a reprint request in an email to the author to get the text.

    Click on article category below to go to Perspectives list of articles.


Technical Writer Shirley Fine Lee, eHow Authorityas expert article writer

  • Business Book Reviews of 100+ Words on Amazon.com (2008-Present)

  • Print Announcements in Corporate PC News (Tutorials or T&E Systems 1987-1991)


Press Releases



 ** To reprint an article or have custom article created, please contact Shirley Lee at email address at bottom of page **






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