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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2004-09


September 2004

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Computer Clue, Group Gathering and Quick Quote


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20% of the average workday is spent on important things, while 80% of the workday is spent on things that have little or no value.  In an 8 hour work day, this equates to only 1.6 hours spent on important work!


According to the “Wizard of Whenã” , using a written task list is a good idea because writing it down frees the mind for other more creative or productive things than trying to remember what to do each day.   To insure doing the important things, assigning a priority to each item on the task list is essential.  Typically, the items will have one of three priorities: high, medium, or low.   Then do the task in order of priority assigned:  high first, then medium, then if time do lows.  This order helps to insure the accomplishment of important things. 


"Those that are comfortable with technology may prefer the use of a PIM (Personal Information Manager) application on a computer or a hand held device, such as a PDA (Personal Digital/Data Assistant), instead of paper.  Benefits of using a technology-based system are: may be able to use a keyboard for inputs, can do easy search routines, and able to quickly create recurring appointments.  If computer is used, benefits may include:  able to upload between handheld and desk computer, can back-up data to disk, and if part of a network may be able to interface with others for planning purposes.", states the “Wizard of Whenã”.  


An easy icebreaker that can prove interesting is "Who are you?".  One person volunteers to start by asking someone in the group, "who are you?"  The selected person responds with their name and one other suggested piece of information.  Suggestions include position or job in company if group is same, company name if various professionals, city of residence, or favorite sport or hobby.  Then others in the group will ask the selected person a follow-up question to learn more about them.  The follow-up questions should begin with the repeating of the selected person's name. The selected person should be able to answer each question with no more than three (3) words.  After all questions are asked and answered, the selected person will then select the next person to answer questions.

Small Group method:  Follow basic procedure above but go around the  group with each person asking a question.  Then after everyone has asked a question,  the selected person points to someone opposite them and starts the cycle again by asking, "who are you?”.  Repeat until everyone has asked and answered questions.

Large Group Method:  Break into smaller groups of 6 each or for entire group have six different volunteers each ask one question (the original "who are you?" counts as 1 of the 6) of the selected person.  After the sixth question, the selected person will select a new person by pointing to them and saying "who are you?" Repeat until everyone has answered and asked questions.


"So much of our time is spent in preparation, so much in routine, and so much in retrospect, that the amount of each person's genius is confined to a very few hours."  - Ralph Waldo Emerson







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