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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2006-01


Jan. 2006

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Computer Clue, Group Gathering and Quick Quote


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Some statistics say that managers and supervisors spend less than 25% of their day doing what they were hired to do. Most of their time is spent putting out fires. 


According to the “Wizard of Whoã”, before planning a group or team, consider their purpose or mission.  The group must have a clear reason for existing and gathering before any members can be selected or meetings can be planned.    The purpose is a simple written statement of the primary reason(s) for the group to gather and work. A mission statement is a written sentence related to the task(s) the group should accomplish.  The person(s) sponsoring the group or the person selected to lead the team may be responsible for proposing a purpose or mission statement.  Once members are selected and the group is formed, they may choose to refine their statement.  If the group cannot agree to a common purpose or mission, then the group is doomed to failure.  Once the purpose  or mission is apparent, then future meeting agendas and actions become easier to develop and implement. This refinement typically happens in the first meeting.



Experienced facilitators are a great asset when developing a mission or purpose statement for an organization.  They can insure the process is conducted in a respectful and effective manner.  However, not everyone has good facilitators in their organization or a budget to contract one,  therefore someone at the meeting may have to lead this effort.  To help the leader for this portion of the meeting, there are several sites on the internet that offer advise on creating statements for mission, purpose, or vision.  Try a search using "write _____ statement"  using the word that fits best in the blank.  See what options appear, then review several sites for commonalities in order to get the best information on how to proceed. 


Click here for detailed PC hints on-line.



A quick activity to promote team collaboration is called “Magic Carpet”.  For this activity you use a regular size bed sheet (for 12-20 people, use smaller or larger sheet depending on team size). Lay the sheet on the floor and ask all team members to stand on the sheet.  Then tell them to turn the sheet over without any member touching the floor or picking each other up.  Debrief the activity with questions related to who had ideas, which were tried, who was leader, what might they have done differently, etc.


Click here for more group activities on-line.



"There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it."

-  Napoleon Hill



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