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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2006-05


May 2006

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Computer Clue, Group Gathering and Quick Quote


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According to a 1998 MCI Conferencing white paper titled "Meetings in America", most professionals attend a total of 61.8 meetings per month. Some of those attending regular meetings, report that during meetings they daydreamed (91%), did other work (39%), or dozed (39%). 



Would you like to know what the “Wizard of Whenã” says about measuring meetings?  If yes, then see Shirley's article called "Are Meetings Producing a Loss or a Gain?" at



Would you like to know what the “Wizard of Whenã” says about making your meetings more productive?

If yes, then see Shirley's article called "Turn Meetings into Pep Rallies of Productivity!" at




Evaluating meetings can be very helpful in planning and measuring improvement. You can do a non-technical evaluation (Pro/Con or +/-) and get people's reaction which will only tell you how they feel about your productivity on that particular date. Or you may prefer to use a formalized number scaled evaluation tool so that you can track the effectiveness of each meeting and tell if improvement is occurring and what training may be needed.  You can easily track the results of a scaled evaluation in a spreadsheet tool and report results to team or management.


Would you like to utilize an evaluation tool the “Wizard of Whenã” says helps you measure the effectiveness of your meetings?  If yes, then find a FREE evaluation at:




When a group is meeting for the first time, an icebreaker may be a good way to get acquainted before jumping into the work at hand.  However don't make the icebreaker too long or you may have some people thinking that you wasted too much of their valuable time playing games instead of getting down to business. 


A quick icebreaker that is not too personal for a new group activity, but allows you to learn something about the other people's personality and thought processes is called "Are you more like".  This activity may be done as a group or in pairs.  For pairs, give each person two index cards with different pairing of words from below to ask each other.  To do as a group, the leader may randomly select 2 or 3 people to ask each pairing of before selecting a new pairing and different people.


Are you more like _________ ?  Why?

  • Airplane or bicycle

  • Basketball or golf ball

  • Cola or milk

  • Door or window

  • Jeans or a suit

  • Computer or an adding machine

  • Volkswagen or a Cadillac

  • Giraffe or a hippopotamus  

  • Baked potato or French fries

  • Television or radio


"There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties or you alter yourself meeting them." - Phyllis Bottome

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