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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2007-03


Mar. 2007

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Computer Clue, Group Gathering and Quick Quote

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In a 2001 Tulsa University study, managers in many different functional areas giving self-estimates of meeting productivity estimated from 33%-47%. 


What kind of grade do your meetings get? 



Ten Mistakes Meeting Leaders Make

Source:  PRWeb


Ten common mistakes that meeting leaders make and meeting attendees often accept without question during the meeting are:

  1. The meeting leader does not understand the role of facilitator.

  2. The recorder role is under appreciated.

  3. The leader does not have a written agenda.

  4.  If they have an agenda, they allow random changes.

  5.  The agenda does not have times assigned to each topic.

  6. Records of meeting are not visible during meeting.

  7. Records of meeting are not distributed afterwards.

  8. Actions are not recorded during meeting.

  9. Actions are not assigned to people before meeting ends.

  10. Deadlines are not assigned to actions.

Read how to avoid these mistakes in full article  at




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"Sometimes in meetings, someone will say something that sparks something else that is not part of the meeting purpose.  The member's get going on the new subject and  forget about the meeting purpose or current agenda item.  When this happens the facilitator will need to remind members why they are there and ask if they need to change the focus of the meeting, add the topic as an agenda item or as an issue for later discussion, or should they return to the primary meeting purpose.  Often pointing to the agenda or record of what the group has accomplished on boards or paper will return the groups focus to their original purpose."


Source:  The above text is an except from Beastly Problems section of the book "R.A!R.A!  A Meeting Wizard's Approach" 2007 on how to avoid Rabbit Trails.



"The mistakes of the fool are known to the world, but not to himself. The mistakes of the wise man are known to himself, but not to the world." - Charles Caleb Colton

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