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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2009-05


May 2009

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Group Gathering, Computer Clue, and Quick Quote



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Of employees studied, 25% say they are fully engaged at work and 19% say they are actively disengaged.


Stimulate your employees to be more engaged using positive reinforcement.  Start by understanding that everyone enjoys being recognized when they do good work.  Then begin to modify the management approach to employee recognition.  See articles below for steps to make this work.



When this begins to work well, reinforce it even more with appropriate reward systems.  See these articles for suggestions on how to create a good reward system.



Positive reinforcement could be the key to better results in human resource management, which should lead to better business results as well.



If positive reinforcement is a new concept in an organization, try a group discussion activity to get people thinking about how this might help improve performance.  Find examples and a positive reinforcement exercise on-line at



Another idea is to have everyone in a group read the same book on positive reinforcement and then get together to discuss what they learned from the book, ideas they have tired and what worked best.  A short business book on this topic is Whale Done!  The Power of Positive Relationships by Ken Blanchard.



Want to confirm your personal or team attitude and skills?  Check out the following free surveys and evaluations:


Want to learn more about being positive at work?  Check out the ideas presented by management consultants on engaging employees, changing attitudes, and  on the blog http://2bproductive.blogspot.com/,



A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. - By Mahatma Gandhi




Lunch-N- Learns

Or In-House Symposiums

Are A Way To Save Training  $$$

While Increasing Employee Knowledge!


Is your company looking for ways to reduce training costs?  A couple of simple ideas include offering short knowledge sessions in a specialized company symposium, or consider holding brown bag seminars and book reviews during the lunch hour.  These sessions can be lead by experienced employees or may feature outside guests speaking on business topics and answering questions that are relevant to your industry.  If you are interested in having the Meeting Wizard speak at  your company, please call 214-457-5736.







A a no-nonsense and much-needed self-paced guide to planning and conducting meetings so that they are as productive, effectual, and smoothly run as possible. 


A Meeting Wizard's Approach

ISBN# 1-4196-5367-9


Order at:







The business blog to build personal and professional productivity for readers at


had its first anniversary last month.  Its success is due to the 70 informative posts and 8 excellent writers that appeared on the blog.  New ideas and new writers are expected for the coming year.


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