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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2009-11


November 2009

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Group Gathering, Computer Clue, and Quick Quote




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In a 2007 survey done by WorldatWork of 300 private companies, 91% offered bonuses and individual incentives to executives and management.  Only 17% awarded incentives to teams or groups of lower-level employees.


In the same survey, 65% of the companies with bonus plans said programs were to reward employees.  53% indicated they use a bonus to focus employees on goals and 51% do it to share financial success with their employees.


This is the time of year companies think about giving bonuses and gifts to employees and customers.  This may be part of an annual rewards and recognition program, a profit motivator, or it may have more to do with the holiday season and building relationships.  In an attempt to cover all these reasons, below is a link to a blog post on bonuses as part of a reward program and at the bottom of the column on the right are links to different business gift ideas from various sources. 


Blog Post:  Are Bonuses the Best Sales Motivation Reward?  Add your own comments with other ideas you have for rewarding employees to help future readers.


What motivates team members to be successful when working together?  It should be the work and ability to contribute to the organization.   However, to get better results from teams, some organization may need to look at external incentives before expecting the internal ones to prevail in employee minds.  Leaders can make great teams a reality if they first look at the type of team (self-managed or self-directed) to determine whether it may be self-motivated or if the team requires management intervention to get moving on projects.  Management should always work with the team to develop relevant goals by using the SMART goals method, which should incorporate the 4 Cs of building team goals: clarity, measurable criteria, worthwhile challenge, and team commitment.


For more ideas on motivating a team using various incentive, see list of 10 Simple Ideas for Rewarding Team Members.


Although it is hard to motivate people with a computer, since most works require one to do their job.  Having out-dated tools can be frustrating for individuals and teams who need to do more in less time.  If the computer tools being used seem archaic, try searching the internet to see if updates exist for a reasonable price.  Then consider whether getting the updates will make the job easier, eliminate steps, or make it impossible to open old files before purchasing new equipment and software upgrades or downloading add-ins and free applications.


In the archives of this newsletter, there are computer tips to help connected with the various topics covered.   To find step-by-step Microsoft Office tips or see for time saving ideas, see the articles list at www.shirleyfinelee.com\Articles_Ehow.htm.


"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." - Raymond Chandler








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