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Getting to Know Others

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There are very few "team specialists" and Shirley is one of the best. Her influence impacts all of the teams through her training material designs and alternative learning techniques. - Team Training Manager


When I saw Shirley was our facilitator, I knew it (team-building) was going to be fun! - Customer Service Representative


Shirley made it fun! I had nothing but good comments about the (Team Building) session. - Business Manager


This was the best and most fun one of these things (Team-Building) I've ever been to. Shirley is a good facilitator. - PC Specialist


Shirley is an excellent facilitator and an expert on teaming. She keeps us on track in Quality Improvement team meetings, often suggesting different problem solving techniques. - Programmer


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Team Building Activities  

These free games, icebreakers, and activities have been gathered from various sources and require no materials.

Getting To Know Each Other:

Team building activity

Team graphic created by .Jonathan D. Lee ----- exclusively for Shirley Lee.

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Similarity Charades

Divide into smaller groups. Each group discusses their similarities and acts out for other group to guess.

Two Truths and A Lie

Ask each person to think of three statements that tells the group something about them, two that are true statements and one that is false. Take turns in the group sharing the three  statements and have the rest of the group vote on which one they think is false. The more subtle ones are trickier!

Battle Scar Galatica

Take turns in you group sharing a story about any scar they might have on their body. If you have several groups, have them share " the best story". Be prepared, this one can get gross. Depending on the scar, this could be a high-risk activity, but allows people to explain scars in their own way.

What’s In A Name?

Ask each person in the group to share the story, if any, behind their name, one or all of them. They can talk about why that name was chosen, what it means, or any nicknames that have come about. The group could also talk about a name they wish they had or another name they like, find unusual or funny. Remind the group to respect the name that that person wants to be called.

Finish the Sentence

Go around the room and have each person finish one of these sentences:

  • The best job I ever had was...
  • If I could do anything I wanted, I would ...
  • The worst project I ever worked on was...
  • My ideal job would be ..
  • The riskiest thing I ever did was...

Name Game

Sit in a circle. One person starts by using an adjective starting with the same letter as their first name, followed by their first name (i.e. Clever Claire, Kind Karen). The next person has to repeat the first person's adjective and name and then add their own. The followng repeats the first and second before stating theirs. Continue around the circle with each adding their name to the list and the last person has to repeat all other names in order and end with their own.


Blind Hike

Have people pair off with one person in each pair closing their eyes. Give them a time limit and have the pair explore an area. The person who eyes are open is the guide and is in charge of the other one's safety. After the designated time, signal the pairs to switch roles. When the activity is completed ask each pair to give each other feedback about how they did as a guide.

Trust Falls

In pairs - one partner falls backwards with other partner catching. Variations include forward falls where partners extend arms and fall toward each other, connecting hands. This can be done from fairly far apart provided there are spotters ready to catch the fallers in the middle.

Wind in the Willows

Group stands in a circle with one person in the middle. Person in middle falls in any direction, trusting others to catch him/her and stand him/her back up.

Problem Solving:

Human Knot

Have the group form a circle of 8 to 10 people. Each person holds out their right hand and grasps another hand as if shaking hands. They should NOT have both hands of the same person or hands of the people on either side of them. All then extend left hands and grab another left hand. Again, they should NOT have both hands of the same person or hands of the people on either side of them. The goal is to then untangle themselves into a single circle without releasing hands.

Birthday Lineup

Ask everyone to line up according to the month and day of birth without any talking. This can result in some interesting means of communication towards a common goal.




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