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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2005-07


July 2005

In this issue Striking Statistic, Timely Tip, Computer Clue, Group Gathering and Quick Quote


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One hour of planning may save ten hours of doing.



Consider the importance of time, meeting, and project management skills and how planning in these areas can lead you where you want to go.  Being able to organize yourself and your time will be noticed by some, whereas, being able to organize others by leading meetings and projects is visible to more people.  The skill areas of time, meetings, and projects are related in principle and similar in technique.  Adopting one of these skills and applying the principles can lead to learning the others. 


Below is a diagram showing how these three management skills, plus the additional time saving aspect of workspace organization, interconnect.  The arrows represent how one planning skill can help to build or improve others.  A two-way arrow indicates having this skill can help with the improvement of another skill and vice versa.  A one-way arrow indicates that the skill the arrow goes from helps with improvement of the skill at the arrows point. 



An example of how these skills are related would be setting tasks and priorities.  In time management a written set of tasks to do is prioritized according to goals.  In a good meeting, the goal is the meeting purpose and the group has a prioritized task list in the form of an agenda and action items.  In managing projects, major tasks for reaching the goal are listed as the plan and assigned resources according to priority.


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There are software applications available that allow individuals to plan and prioritize their time, as well as some for project management.  Many of these same applications, if used on a network, can also be used for group planning and communication.  Some allow for setting up meetings, sending invitations, assigning tasks, or directly booking meetings on the calendars of others on the network.  Using these applications can be a great time saver in coordination of both meetings and projects. 



A popular group activity that requires planning and communication uses a metal ring with long strings tied to it for each participant.  A ball or egg is placed in the center of the ring.  The group task, while each holds the end of their string, is to take the ball or egg from their current location to their target/goal location (onto the top of a bottle or glass/ or into a bowl or tube) without dropping it.  The activity can be made more difficult by placing obstacles in the group’s way or by blind-folding all but one member of the group. 



"Plans are nothing, planning is everything" - Dwight Eisenhower


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