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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2011-06


June 2011



To help increase potential to produce results.



"You really got all of us in the audience thinking about meeting pitfalls and problems, then wowed us by providing some simple, effective meeting strategies we could all implement.  Your enthusiasm and sincerity were impressive bonuses that made for an engaging and valuable session. -– ASTD Dallas chapter VP


"Ms. Lee was a pleasure to work with.  She was energetic and involved the audience in her presentation." – ARMA Chapter Vice-Pres.


"Your presentation was a huge success!!!  I received compliments last night and all day today too.  Your presentation was very professional and informative." - IAAP Chapter President


"I know what you told our chapter members was information they not only could relate to and likely have experienced, but you  also gave us all some concrete methods for smoothing out meeting problems and making them run better and with higher productivity."  – ASTD Ft.Worth Chapter VP


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Shirley Lee
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In the article “Virtual Teams, a Necessary Evil or a Blessing in Disguise” an estimate of 2.5 billion text messages and 210 billion e-mails were sent, of which many were sent by members of global organizations, who may have been working as part of virtual teams.


Since I started speaking on meeting management, someone always brings up virtual meetings.  Although I wrote a little on net meetings and the differences between video and tele-conferencing, I did not go into detail about the “how-to” since there are lots of tools and vendors to choose from.  Even though my RA!RA! book covers some of it, I have been toying with the idea of doing an article on virtual meeting etiquette since more patience and a few other considerations for this method are necessary than the face-to-face meeting. Then I found and read a book on virtual teams which covers some of what I wanted to write about.  So instead of an article, I wrote a series of blog posts.  The blog posts are listed below so that you can read whichever best suits you need.  All posts are linked, so if you want to read them all, you do not have to come back to this newsletter issue to click on the next one.


Blog Posts

- Do group solutions to your business problems just satisfice?

- Use Activities to Build High Performing Teams

- What is the right size for a team?

- Evaluating meeting tools that are free on the internet

More On-line

- RARA Meeting Podcasts & Videos at


- Meeting or Team Evaluations at


- 64 slides:  Virtual Teams 101 at


- Team-building Activities at


- Meeting and Team Articles at



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"There is no place in the business world where 60% is good enough."  - Michael Schell, chief executive of RW3 and co-author of the report "The Challenges of Working in Virtual Teams."


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