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Shirley's Garden Home in Lewisville, Texas

Below are some of my favorite older photos I was able to save from my web site that closed in Oct. 2009.

Patio with House Plants in 2002 Giant Starfish Flower - 2002 Joe Parrish's Plant


What's on Grandma Parrish's Corner Units - mostly succulents and cactus. Notice the cactus on right shelf on the third row - details in next column. In bottom right corner on patio floor is spears of a seedling Century plant from Grandpa Parrish.




Giant Starfish Flower (almost 12" across) appeared a few days later on thorn less cactus-like Stapelia Nobelis (from Africa) gotten from a cutting of Mom's, who got hers from Grandma Parrish. Large Chinese lantern balloon-like buds are blooms that will open in a few days. Flower is a hairy pale yellow with red center and thin red stripes on petals (which is why it looks pink in photo).

You can see my Grandpa Parrish and his Century Plant in bloom at the Right --->

Photo from Texas Newspaper: COPPELL STAR, Thursday, July 20, 1978,  Price: 20 Cents

Photo Caption:
Mr. Joe Parrish stands alongside his "pet monster", a 25-foot tall century plant. The plant once stood only four feet tall, but it grew at a 2-foot-per-night rate until it reached its present height. According to Parish, a century plant blooms every 100 years, and then it dies. But Parrish said that several little century plants will remain after the big one dies soon.

Kids in the Garden April 2004


Niece Chloe Allysen (age 6 mos.) with the Hibiscus in June 2002



Nephew Adam Joe (age 3 years) with the Elephant Ears in Sept. 2001



Houseplant filled wheelbarrow behind Primrose Stand with Primroses/Primula in yellow pots and Spathiphyllums in lower level.

Patio with House Plants - Year 2003 Empress Tree with Bench in 2004 Aloe Vera Plant


Corner Units under window contain many of same plants as last year.  What was on my bakers rack? Stripped airplanes plants blooming white flowers and top baker's shelf has various types of Geraniums. Firecracker Bush and Angel Jasmine are in front of baker's rack. Plant in long box between corner units is Creeping Forget-Me-Knots from Garden.


In September 2004 the wheelbarrow was filled with tropical plants and placed under the Empress Tree with bench in front so most of garden was visible when sitting in the shade. 


Aloe Vera bloomed Dec. 2003 after moving into garage for winter.
Pergola  in 2004 Seasons Cedar Tree

Our pergola in September 2004 with table surrounded by cannas and palms.

Our pergola in February of same year -we rarely get snow here it was cold but pretty.

Same snow day with tree covered with snow.


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