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Electronic Newsletter                 Issue 2010-01


Jan. 2010

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According to survey participants in a worldwide Microsoft Office survey, the top three time wasters were ineffective meetings, unclear objectives, and lack of team communication. 



If strategic planning for the new year did not begin in the prior year, then many organizations will do this in January.  Unless the organization's fiscal year is different than the calendar year, waiting much past this month makes it harder to achieve goals or objectives set by leadership in an effective and timely manner.  Get started before it becomes too late to make a difference in guiding employees!   Significant improvements and change require pre-planning and intense communication efforts.


When considering objectives, think about the usual business concerns of new ways to get revenue, options for reducing expenses, and laws or regulations that must be complied with.  Then step out-of-the-box and think about ethical and social issues as they relate to things the company can do better in the coming year or over time.


Hopefully this newsletter is not too late but instead  serves as a reminder to get going.  There is good information on parts of this process and links to articles in the posts listed on the right.  Depending on where the organization is in strategic planning process, more information can also be found on strategic planning in archived issues of this newsletter on:  Values and Vision, SWOT, Purpose or Mission, Change Management, Goal Planning, and Goal Setting.



Since employee and personal training is often an important element in helping individuals and organization meet their objectives, I want to offer subscribers a few FREE short training podcasts.  I am planning to record a few micro-podcasts on meeting management and possibly time management topics in the coming year.  In order to create ones people would most like to download, I am looking for input on the maximum time that would be considered best for listening to a podcast lecture in a single sitting. 


The survey is at http://bit.ly/8WNeaN


Please take this survey and forward the link to others who might consider listening to podcasts on management topics as well.  Potential podcast topics are listed on the survey page.  If there are other topics that may be of personal interest, please send an email with suggestions listed.



Use the computer as a resource for tracking and communicating progress toward strategic plans.  To do this, create graphs that show progress from starting point at the beginning of the fiscal year or strategic timeframe to the goals and objectives at the end of the year or strategy period. 


Instead of holding meetings to communicate this progress to employees, consider showing them on the company intranet site or having a PowerPoint slide show running during lunch in the company cafeteria.  This way employees and leadership can see the progress at their convenience and are reminded of the role they must play in the overall success of the company.    Be sure to include the vision, mission, or other strategy components on the web or on some of the slides within the presentation show.



You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective. Analyze your life in terms of its environment. Are the things around you helping you toward success - or are they holding you back?” - W. Clement Stone



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